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Paros possesses a total of 120 km of coastline in which you can find over 40 beaches for all tastes. Quiet golden sand beaches with crystal clear waters, windy beaches suitable for water sports and beaches with unique landscapes. Whether you like a well-organized or secluded beach, Paros offers a wide variety, from which we handpicked our favorite ones.

Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach, located close to Naousa, is considered the best beach in Paros as it is perfect for swimming, having a drink at its beach clubs and enjoying water sport activities. It offers a big parking area and is easily accessible by car. This lively, golden sand beach is suitable for families due to its shallow waters and big space to spread out.You might also want to explore Small Santa Maria which is located north of Santa Maria. It is shielded from the gusts and constitutes an ideal choice when the east coast beaches are windy.

Kolibithres Beach

Kolymbithres beach is definitely a must-see in Paros. It is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Paros and is located in the bay of Naousa. Big granite rocks with lunar-like shapes hugged by crystal clear waters create a magical and unique setting. In the small coves you will find sunbeds, but also places where you can relax using your own equipment. Of course, in Kolimbithres there are taverns and beach bars where you can enjoy a meal or a drink after your swim.

Mikri Santa Beach

Mikri Santa Maria is located less than 1 km north of Santa Maria. It is shielded from the winds and constitutes an ideal choice when the east coast beaches are windy. Mikri Santa Maria consists of two beaches, one organized with bar and sunbeds and one unorganized and quiet. Both beaches have golden sand and crystal, shallow waters making it safe for family swim. Also, there are some great restaurants at a minute walking distance, where you can enjoy a delicious meal after your swim.

Molos Beach

Molos Beach is located inside a deep bay, north of Kalogeros Beach. This beach has golden soft sand, clear deep blue waters and lots of space to set up your equipment. Despite its paradise like beauty, it is calm without too many visitors even at the peak season. Similar to Kalogeros, this is an unorganized beach so it's best to bring your beach essentials.

Kalogeros Beach

Kalogeros beach, considered as a hidden gem, is located on the east side of the island, inside a south-facing cove and protected from the usual winds. This beautiful beach does not attract too many visitors and it is unorganized, therefore you should pack your beach essentials beforehand. Uniqueness of this beach comes from the clay that you can collect there. Mixed with seawater, you can make a special mud which is said to have therapeutic properties for the skin.

Golden Beach

Golden beach, located in the south part of the island, is the largest beach in Paros. Its main characteristic is its long distance covered with golden sand along with shallow crystal-clear waters. A big part of the beach is unorganized while the other part is organized with sunbeds, beach-bars and restaurants.Its position makes it vulnerable to winds hence why it is considered an international destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Visiting the beach, you will find several kiosks with water sport instructors that will guide you by giving surf lessons.Lastly, the beach is observed by trained rescuers making it safe for a family swim.

Monastiri Beach

Monastiri is located a couple of kilometers away from Kolimbithres and it is easy accessible by car or even by small boats departing from Naousa regularly. It took its name from the monastery of Agios Ioannis which stands on the top of a hill on the right side of the beach. It is a beautiful sandy beach with turquoise waters which is organized with beach bar, sunbeds and water sport activities, so keep in mind that it can get really busy during the peak season. If you visit Monastiri ,don’t miss the chance to climb up the hill and reach to the top of the monastery where you can admire the bay with all the yachts moored and take fantastic photographs.

Marcello Beach

Marchello beach is located in Parikia bay facing the port and it is accessible by car or by boats departing from the port. It is a long sandy beach which is protected from the winds due to its geographical position. Also, it is fully organized with beach bars, sunbeds, umbrellas and even a beach volley court for the sport lovers. It is a very popular beach among the young people and it gets crowded during the peak season.