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Festivals and events

Paros remains faithful to its tradition and customs, which is why every year events and festivals are organized with food, drink, dance and plenty of joy! Don't miss these unique experiences!

Panagia Ekatontapiliani - August 15

The celebretion of the Dormition of Virgin Mary takes place every year on 15th of August at the monastery of Panagia Ekatontapyliani in Parikia.The celebration starts with the procession of the icon of the Virgin Mary around Parikia followed by festive events and a big festival that lasts until the early morning hours of the next day. When the night comes, the port comes alive as the fishing boat parades go out in the bay of Parikia throwing fireworks while local choirs and dance groups elevate the mood!

Barbarossa Pirate festival - August 23

Every year on 23th of August , the Barbarossa Pirate Festival takes place in Naoussa. The celebration is a revival of the locals’ victory against the Turkish pirate Barbarossa, who tried to plunder Naoussa. The battle is represented by local people and is accompanied with fireworks, traditional music, dancing, food and drink until dawn.

Fish and Wine festival

The Fish and Wine festival takes place on the first Sunday of July in Naoussa. This festival was invented by fishermen as a way to express gratitude for what the sea and the land has to offer. Attending this festival you will try delicious fresh fish and wine while listening traditional music and watching dance groups perform traditional dances.

Easter Celebrations

Easter events in Paros start on Holy Friday with a mourning mood. On that day churches at several villages around Paros organize the litany of the Christ’s Epitaph. Highlight of this event is Marpissa village where local people organize reenactments of the Christ's Passions during a long walk around the village. On holy Saturday, the mood is festive with bells ringing and fireworks, due to Christ’s ressurection. On Easter Sunday, the whole island celebrates with highlight the "Second Resurrection" taking place in Naousa ,followed by a big celebration at Naousa’s port where restaurants and bars fill up with people drinking and dancing until late night.