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Recomended Bars

When the sun goes down the mood goes up and it's the right time for a cocktail and a little bit of dance! Here you can find the best recommendations for cocktail bars and clubs.


Naousa is full of little bars, some can be found in the old port and some in the alleys. ‘’Agosta’’ bar is located in the old port and it has 2 sides. One faces the old port and the other faces the beach of Agios Dimitrios, so it is a perfect choice either you want loud music and dance at the indoor space or a cocktail by the sea. ‘’Fotis’’ and ‘’Come Back’’ in Naousa are both beachfront bars facing Agios Dimitrios beach. They serve all kinds of drinks and cocktails with exclusive sea view and great music choices. ‘’Sante’’ bar is nestled in a crossroad of alleys in Naousa, where a lot of people pass during their night walk. Its trademark is the big eucalyptus covering the whole street creating a unique space where you can seat and enjoy your drinks and cocktails with perfect music. Lastly, you can also visit ‘’Sommaripa Consolato’’ bar placed on a high spot on the first floor with a perfect view of the old port and the old time classic ‘’Linardo’’ bar also located at the old port.


There are also a lot of options for bars in Parikia and most can be found in the coastline after the port and inside the alleys of the town. Highlights are: the ‘’Pirate Bar’’ located in an alley of the town which gives off a unique vibe with pirate inspired decoration and jazzy/soul music choices & BePop bar offering amazing sea view, fresh cocktails and jazzy music in a laid-back atmosphere.