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Cecilia Gomez

Spanish, English, French, Portuguese

Thank you for checking out my listing. I am very organized and keep a very clean apartment. I love to travel, meet, and interact with new people from different parts of the world. I work in Digital & Global Ecommerce Strategy in New York City and love experincing all the great things this city has to offer, from it’s delicious and innovative restaurants and great museums, to walking home from work along the highline.

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My Listings

From 650€ To 1.200€/day
In Town
From 980€ To 1.350€/day
From 1.500€ To 2.800€/day
From 800€ To 1.200€/day
From 800€ To 1.400€/day
From 1.400€ To 2.700€/day
Panoramic Seaview
From 1.400€ To 2.300€/day
From 1.400€ To 2.700€/day
Panoramic Seaview
From 1.145€ To 2.000€/day
In Town
From 2.240€ To 3.390€/day
From 2.000€ To 2.900€/day
Panoramic Seaview
From 790€ To 1.500€/day
In Town
From 600€ To 1.100€/day
From 800€ To 1.550€/day
Near Beach
From 1.950€ To 2.700€/day
From 700€ To 900€/day
From 715€ To 2.000€/day
From 715€ To 2.000€/day
From 550€ To 1500€/day